Board Members
Have You Checked
​Your Medical Record?

Jill Mickelson, CMT, AHDI-F, RHIT

Vice President:  
Karen Marks, CMT, RHIT

Lynne Wickerham, CHDS, AHDI-F

LeAnne Herrington, CMT

Board Members at Large:

Deb Behnke, CHDS:

​​​Lily Carr, CHDS:

Most of us know the importance of everyone reading their medical record for accuracy.  I've read mine and the only inaccuracy I noted was being called Mrs instead of Ms.  Not a big deal.  However, big errors do happen and the following link is to a blog detailing errors a mother found in her child's records.  These weren't errors caused by medical transcriptionists, but by several members of the medical community.

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