Char Hartwig, CMT,  AHDI-F

Vice President:  
Jill Mickelson, CMT, AHDI-F

Lynne Wickerham, CHDS, AHDI-F

LeAnne Herrington, CMT

Board Member at Large:

Karen Rehling, RHIT, CHDS


While we were not able to put together a full educational meeting for MRR this year, we are discussing having a few webinars. In the meantime, we would like to direct you to the Great Lakes Fall Frenzy. Dates are Friday, September 29, and Saturday, September 30, at the Delta by Marriott in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You will find all the details in the flyer by clicking here.

Have You Checked
​Your Medical Record?

Most of us know the importance of everyone reading their medical record for accuracy.  I've read mine and the only inaccuracy I noted was being called Mrs instead of Ms.  Not a big deal.  However, big errors do happen and the following link is to a blog detailing errors a mother found in her child's records.  These weren't errors caused by medical transcriptionists, but by several members of the medical community.

Board Members


Mighty Rivers Regional Chapter of AHDI

(Illinois,  Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin)


We need enthusiastic volunteers! President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The board duties include meeting by conference call at least quarterly and planning the annual education meeting. For specifics of job duties, please go to our website at Go to "About Us" and "Policies and Procedures." Job descriptions start on p. 7. Please note especially the perks that are available for board members including reimbursement of expenses should a face-to-face meeting be necessary, discounts on the annual MRR meeting and, for the President and Vice President, registration, travel, and hotel for the AHDI Convention. Board terms are for 1 year.